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Ivy League Prep Programme

The Ivy League Prep program has a single, unequivocal objective for its participants: admission into the most elite U.S. colleges. Designed and delivered in collaboration with Polemos Consulting, the Ivy League Prep program helps its students develop and apply those strategies and skills that will ensure success in the application process to leading schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford and MIT. From standardized tests to the personal essay, the program takes full cognizance of the present position and profile of each student vis-à-vis the stages a successful candidate must traverse over the course of the high school years, recent trends in admissions at the target schools, and anticipated developments in the immediate years ahead. The intimate experience, knowledge and insights of current and former Harvard Teaching Fellows, Tutors, Faculty and Administrators are carefully channeled into the offerings of the Ivy League Prep program to make it the premier service aimed at helping exceptional Canadian students go on to expand their horizons and develop their talents at the foremost American universities.