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The Core Programme & The Concentrations

Polemos Academy's 2003 Summer programme consists of a Core programme of Ivy League university-preparatory Academic & Literary English, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences, Natural & Biological Sciences. The Core programme, offered during the Morning Half-Day (9 a.m. - 12 p.m.), also integrates artistic, athletic and recreational activities for both variety and synergy. Every Morning Half-Day begins with an Academy-wide Assembly where diverse educational goals are addressed either in plenary or small-group sessions.

Comprised of significant mathematics and science components, the Core programme is complemented by an array of five liberal arts distribution Concentrations that provide breadth of study and substantial cultural enrichment:

French & Modern Languages,
Latin, Greek & Classical Studies,
History & International Relations,
World Cultures & World Religions,
Ethics, Philosophy & Moral Reasoning.

The Concentrations are offered during the Afternoon Half-Day (1:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m.) The combination of the Core programme with any of the five Concentrations ensures a balanced academic, artistic and athletic curriculum for students enrolled in Full-Day programmes. However, students who wish to continue to focus their studies on the subjects encompassed by the Core programme may enroll in the Full-Day Extended Core programme.

Students enrolling in Full-Day Terms of at least two weeks in length are free to enroll in different Concentrations for each weekly Session, though it is strongly recommended that each Concentration be studied continuously for at least two weeks to achieve greater disciplinary depth. In all cases, however, a fundamental objective of each programme, regardless of Term length, is to stimulate serious study beyond the structured programme.

Programme Options and Other Programmes

Polemos Academy 2003 Summer programme students may further increase the challenge of their programme of study in their chosen Concentration(s) by choosing from one of two options. Those students who desire a Research and Writing component that will require work to be completed outside of the regular daily programme timetable may choose the Scholar's Option. Students who feel qualified to take on even greater academic challenges may apply for admission to the Elite Scholar's Circle. Scholar's Option students may also apply for Directed Reading and Research units in lieu of course components in order to create an even more individualized and independent programme of study.

In addition, Polemos Academy will be hosting the Freshman JumpStart and Ivy League Prep programmes sponsored by Polemos Consulting in conjunction with the 2003 Summer programme. The Centre for Classical and Modern Philology, in collaboration with the Toronto branch of Berlitz®, will also offer courses of study in no less than 15 classical and modern languages, available to all students enrolled in the 2003 Summer programme.

Especially exciting is the presence of The Shakespeare Institute with its two Comprehensive 3-week Terms and the inaugural Classics Conference Training Camp at the 2003 Summer Academy.

To register for the Summer Programme by Session, Concentration and Option, or to enroll in Freshman JumpStart, Ivy League Prep, The Shakespeare Institute or the Classics Conference Training Camp, please fill out and submit the 2003 Summer Programme Registration Form. Space is limited and students are therefore encouraged to register early. Courses and Programmes are offered subject to sufficient enrollment.

Polemos Academy warmly welcomes you to an exceptional summer educational and enrichment experience!